Trails in Central Florida

Here are several recreational multi use trails for biking, walking or sightseeing that are safely away from busy roads.  When you feel the need to get out and do something other then the parks these are an awesome way to enjoy central Florida

Kissimmee Lakeshore Trail Video

The Lakeshore multi use recreational trail runs between the city of Kissimmee and Lake Toho and continues west where it transitions into another section of the Shingle creek regional trail. From the trails start at the intersection of Lakeshore Blvd. and Neptune Rd. to the end of the Shingle creek trail is 2.25 miles. I love that this trail does not cross any streets making it safe for a wide variety of activities.  

The video above was shot with a DJI mini 2 drone, and my phone mounted on a DJI Osmo mobile smartphone Gimble

Here is and newer version of this gimble with extras like a built in extension rod

Shingle Creek Multi-Use Trail Video

Shingle Creek trail is a beautiful well maintained multi-use trail located west of Kissimmee and 9 miles east of Disney World. It crosses US 192 where parking is available at the Osceola County Visitor Center. There is also parking at Pioneer Village. This trail is great for recreational bicycling, walking, running, inline skating away from busy streets.

The multi-use trail north of US 192 is 7 1/2 miles long - round trip and connects to an additional 2 miles of trail that is not a bicycle lane on the side of a street, south of US 192. That section is part of the Kissimmee Loop trail. Biking south of the visitors center could be extended by riding in bike lanes on some fairly busy streets that make up the full Kissimmee Loop trail. The Kissimmee loop does have some multi use sections that are not a bike lane on a street. The Loop trail eventually circles around and connects to the Shingle creek trail north of the visitors center.

Why go to gator land when there has been at least one gator lining the banks of the water reservoirs next to Shingle creek trail every time I have rode this trail. Towards the end of this video is a shot of a gator about 4 feet long sunning itself. The alligators tend to be towards the north end of the trail away from the visitor center.  I do not recommend getting close to the gators anytime but especially when alligator courtship typically begins in early April and mating occurring between May and June, during which the gators will travel in unexpected areas and can be very aggressive.

A portion of the video above was shot with this DJI mini 2 drone, I have had it for several months and I find it to be stable and easy to use.  I like that it came with extra batteries.

Here is the same drone with extras like a backpack and a landing pad

General James A. Van Fleet State Trail

General James A. Van Fleet Multi-use Trail in Polk county Florida is about 30 miles west of Disney World.  This trail was created from the Rails-to-Trails program so it is straight and flat.  Here is video from my 20 mile ride on this 29.2 mile trail showing the trail and surrounding countryside. This is a very rural trail so I highly recommend bringing water and snacks. While the provided info about this trail says that you could possibly see alligators, snakes, deer, gopher tortoises and squirrels all I saw were a lot of tortoises and squirrels.  

The video above was shot with a insta-360 x2 camera.

Here is a newer version of this camera, the insta-360 x3