SOS Cooking Ideas and Recipes

Finding healthy options in any grocery aisle except the vegetable section is practically impossible because manufacturers load up their products with Salt, Oil and Sugar (SOS) and that is harming all of us. 

Here are some of my favorite recipes that feature no added salt, oil and sugar.  Processed food is loaded with these three health robbing ingredients and I believe that they are a large part of my health problems that resulted in my heart attack when I was only 55.

After my attack I went on 3 meds and was given a large packet of info that included only one sheet of paper on healthy eating.  It clearly said what I was not to eat or to eat in moderation.  What you'll find on this website is some ideas of what to eat that has significant science supporting these choices.  I use for my foundation of information and use that to create simple, easy to cook items that can be made with ingredients that can be found in our local grocery stores. 

Too many healthy recipes have exotic ingredients that require multiple shopping destinations to make one dish.  That takes too much time and effort that could decrease the enjoyment that exists in cooking delicious meals.  At first I did not like that I had to cook to make really healthy meals but as I got good at it I found that I enjoy tweaking this or that to create really delicious meals.  Part of that enjoyment is from not spending too much time cooking.  If I was in the kitchen hours every day I think it would decrease my enjoyment of when I do cook.

I have designed many of these recipes with 8 servings or more which decreases the amount of time spent in the kitchen cooking.  For example the spaghetti sauce makes so many servings that you'll need to freeze most of the sauce.  I also use 1 quart glass serving bowls with plastic lids to store ready to microwave meals.  Most days all I do is microwave one or two ready to eat meals and for breakfast I usually have oatmeal with dates for sweetness.  I do cook other meal that would not refrigerate well like portobello mushroom sandwiches with a sweet potato side or a rice bowl with veggies or a veggie/fruit smoothie. 

For snacks I have the trail mix or no salt pistachios or fruits like bananas or grapes.  I am always open to ideas on new items and finding restaurants that feature healthy items that are actually healthy.  I hope you'll send in your ideas and suggestions, to increase what is available on this website, using the form below.

I started with a 4 quart insta-pot then went to a 6 quart and finally an eight quart. It saves me time by making eight serving at a time.

I use quart size sealable bowls to store ready to microwave meals in my refrigerator.   I use small plates to cover the meals during microwaving to prevent damage to the plastic covers

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