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Fine writing instruments refills

Cross Tech 3 Refills

Genuine Cross Tech 3 Refills

Will fit our Mini-Pens

Two Refills

Medium point

Choose Color: Black, Red or Blue.

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ballpoint refills

Genuine Waterford Ballpoint refills will all of our Waterford ballpoint pens.

Will fit our Steampunk, Bolt Action and Handmade Pens

Six Refills

Medium Point

Large Capacity

Color: Black

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Rollerball Refills

Genuine Waterford Rollerball refills will fit all Waterford Rollerball pens.

Six Refills

Medium tip

Large Capacity

Color: Black

Out of Stock

Capless refills

Genuine Waterford Capless refills will fit all Waterford Capless Rollerball pens.

Six Refills

Black ink

Medium tip

Out of Stock


Refill information

Size guide for Waterford Refills

Note: Waterford has changed the imprinting on the Rollerballs.

Tech 3 refill bundle

Genuine Cross Tech 3 Refills

12 Cross Tech3 Pen Refills with Mixed Colors:

4 Black ink, 4 Blue ink, 4 Red ink

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12 Cross Tech3 Pen Refills ink as shown:

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Purchase 12 Red on Amazon

Purchase 12 Black on Amazon