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Steampunk Pens: Steampunk Pen with Leopardwood

The Leopardwood was turned down in my wood shop in Florida and was finished with Shellac.
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Here is a pen straight out of Victorian science fiction and the industrialized 19th century. The Steampunk genre has re-ignited a love of old fashioned materials and is all about mixing the old and new; fusing the usability of modern technology with the design aesthetic and philosophy of the Victorian age. This pen is designed around this aesthetic; the pen combines flat head screws, riveted design patterns, replica Gatling gun barrels, a Bolt Action mechanism plus a mixture of industrialized Antique copper, pewter and brass finishes. Steampunk is a major trend in fashion, jewelry and design over the last few years. The pen provides a smooth writing performance via a Parker style refill. .

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