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"Why Pay More" - please price compare and you'll see we have among the best prices for this type of handcrafted goods.

Within the USA: Free Shipping.

We use PayPal as our payment processor due to their outstanding reputation for safety and security. They can handle most payment methods and they also have their own PayPal payment program.

Stock Quantities:
We also use PayPal for our shopping cart and if you get a "out of stock" message when checking out try lowering the quantity of the item you're trying to buy.  If you want more then we have currently available please reach out to us below and we'll give you a time frame for us to make that quantity.

We have a 30 day unconditional return policy, just contact us first and let us know the item is being returned.  If you bought one of our items at Amazon, Ebay or Etsy please return the item though their return systems. We will refund the return shipping cost of item(s) purchased on our website up to the original actual cost of shipping the item(s) to you, 

The metal portions of the pens are covered as described below:

The one year limited warranty applies regardless where you bought one of our pens and includes manufacturing defects only.  Contact us first and give us the order number before sending the item(s) and we will send you a return authorization number to include with the pen being returned for repair.  On items that cost $25 or less include a $5 money order or check, on items that cost greater than $25 include a $10 check or money order.  We will attempt to repair the item first if possible and if not we will replace the item.  If the item is no longer available we will refund the original cost of the item.

The wood portion of the pens and our pen displays would not be subject to our warranty policy because any manufacturing defects would be apparent upon receipt of the item(s).  If you have any concerns please contact us or use the 30 day unconditional return policy as described above.

We would love to hear questions from you and you can use the form below - just be sure to include your email address. You can also email us at

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